Are you aware about the health issues a bad fitted shoe can create? Take a look at the tips to buy the perfect shoe for yourself.

  • 1.Purchase shoes that are meant for the kind activity you want to do. Running shoes are specially designed to provide the proper cushioning at the heel and flexibility at the toes. Walking shoes comes with a shock absorbing heel and flex at the ball of the foot. 
    2.Some basic of a good shoe include a firm sole that doesn’t easily twist or bend cushioned heel, and flexibility at the proper area depending on the type of shoe. Soft and breathable material for the upper part of the shoe makes it more comfortable to wear for longer period and less likely to cause skin irritation or rubbing. The upper part of the shoe should allow adjustment like laces, straps. 
    3.Do not worry about the size too much, the size vary from brand to brand depends on the mold used 
    4.Some stores offer the service to take the shoe out, especially to gym and walk on trade mill. This will keep the shoes clean and give you a chance to really try the shoes out. 
    5.Do not buy shoes with the hopes that someday they will be comfortable enough to wear. Visit for more.